What is the Genactis Physician Advisory Group? The Genactis Physician Advisory Group consists of specially invited, and personally verified, Doctors from around the world with expertise in a variety of medical specialties. Members are invited to participate in studies which can be done over the phone, face to face, in a central location or via the Internet. Participation in all studies is completely voluntary and Advisory Group members are paid for the questionnaires they complete. Please contact us by email (info@genactis.com) to learn more about our payment.

Advisory Group members can expect to be invited to participate in one study every three months. Members should generally only receive invitations to participate in questionnaires relevant to their areas of medical expertise or interest. We find that most doctors find the questionnaires interesting and stimulating.

To be able to take part in the Advisory Group, our members need an email address and access to the Internet – either from home or work. Surveys can be completed at any time of day.

How to join the Genactis Physician Advisory Group? If you are interested in becoming a Genactis Advisory Group member and have not already received a letter from us, please click here to go to our Registration Form. All the details you provide will help us know whether we have studies coming up that may be relevant to your medical expertise.

Am I committing to anything by registering online now? No. By registering today, you are not in any way obligating yourself to take part in any of our medical questionnaires. You are simply showing your interest and giving us permission to email you invitations in the future regarding Genactis research projects, which may be relevant to your area(s) of expertise.

Will you give my email address to anyone else? Absolutely not! You register as a Genactis Advisory Group member simply to receive invitations to complete medical research questionnaires for which you will be paid. We will NOT give your email address to anyone, nor will we distribute advertising messages on behalf of any organization without explicitly asking your personal permission first.

Genactis operates according to strict industry privacy and ethical guidelines and our online activities also comply with the HON Code of Conduct (Health on the Net - www.hon.ch). We firmly believe in the importance of privacy, integrity and ethical behavior on and offline.

What if I would like to tell a colleague? If you have colleagues who you think would be interested in joining the Genactis Physician Advisory Group click here and send us their email address. Alternatively, you can send them an email yourself which provides a link for them to read about the Advisory Group and apply to join. They will need to tell us their Medical Registration Number and their area of medical specialty. If we have vacancies in their medical field and future research studies we believe will be of interest to them we will invite them to join the Genactis Physician Advisory Group. (They will receive either a letter or an email from us to let them know if their application has been accepted.)