About Us  
About Genactis Genactis is a global life sciences research based consultancy with offices in Europe and the United States. We currently work with and advise many of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our research projects range from clinical development programmes to the usage and awareness of existing drugs.

Genactis conducts studies with doctors in many countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, USA and the UK.

Our studies, written and designed in house, are a tool for gathering information and do not host advertising or product endorsements.

Head Office : Genactis Ltd, Holden House, London W1T 1JU, United Kingdom

Corporate Web Site: www.genactis.com

General Email: info@genactis.com

Genactis Physician Advisory Group Email: info@genactis.com

www.genactis.net is the self funded website of Genactis Ltd. It does not host or receive funding from client or product advertising

About our Name The name Genactis is derived from ''Generating Action'' and was chosen because it reminds us of our key business goal - providing actionable and value-adding solutions to our pharmaceutical industry clients whilst facilitating the creation or distribution of health enhancing medicines.